Why Us?

Our Promise to you is based on our family's values and our commitment to excellence that has distinguished Able Home Health Care since its beginning in 2000. We give you our word that our company and it’s employees will live by these characteristics while in service to you:

Compassion...We and our caregivers understand our client’s challenges. Our caregivers look at what they do as a calling, not a job.

Integrity...We believe trust is the foundation of every genuine relationship. We will strive to be honest and ethical with you at all times.

Respect...We regard the value of every human spirit. We will always treat you with respect, courtesy, dignity and kindness.

Expertise...We are committed to being the best at what we do. We will maintain a highly-qualified team of professionals, who are ready to meet and exceed your needs.

Attentiveness... We will respond instantly and carefully to your needs and concerns.

Cost-Compassion...We understand the ups and downs of this life. We work very closely with Medicaid and other agencies to benefit the client. We work for you to keep health care competitive and fair.

These are the foundations that Able Home Health Care was built on and will continue to grow on...It’s just who we are and what we look for in others! If you ever feel that we have in any way failed to live up to one of these promises, please notify June H. Shearin (Owner) immediately and we will take prompt and decisive steps to correct the matter.